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“I feel empowered by the fact that modern technology is allowing me to spend more time with my family rather than worrying about keeping my bookwork up-to-date.”

The introduction of GST in the Australian Taxation landscape back in 2000, created a significant compliance burden on small business.  Each year there seems to be more things to consider, to the point where a lot of businesses are struggling to keep up with ATO reporting. 


Xero has been around for quite some time, but we first started hearing whispers of it in Australia in around 2007.  Now it is recognised worldwide as one of the leading tools business uses to manage their data.


Macro Tax started using this system in July 2014 and we are pleased with the way it has improved the BAS processing and lodgement.  BAS lodgment is no longer a burden.  The bank feeds mean there is almost no data entry.  Our staff code the transactions on a regular basis and by the time BAS lodgement comes around, the work is already done.  The feeling is incredible and we now have more time to look after our clients and spend more time with them to help them fix and grow their business.


Our clients are slowly gravitating to this system.  Many people still don’t trust the cloud but when they see the results, they know it’s worth it.  One client in particular would spend two hours each quarter in our office doing the final adjustments to his data and then watch us lodge the form on his behalf.  Although we love it when our clients drop in, we haven’t seen much of this client since Xero was implemented.  He codes his data regularly.  We check the detail of his transactions and then lodge the form, all without him having to set foot in our office.  He gets to spend more time on his business and we get to spend more time on helping others on the Xero journey. 


Have we convinced you yet? Let us help you get your life back.  Get in touch with our office and we can discuss what package best suits you. 

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