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Lodgment of Income Tax Returns

We are now in the final leg of our 2017 lodgments. All income tax returns are due on 6 June 2018.  We have tried to make contact with a number of our clients to send their information in. If you have spoken with us recently, please email your information to us ASAP so we can finalise these by the due date.

Please be patient with us as we also have lodgment of March 2018 BAS due on 29 May.


Our fearless leader is very soon heading off for some well needed rest.  He will not be back on deck until mid-July refreshed and ready to help with the 2018 income tax returns.  Luisa will still be onboard to assist you with any questions you may have.








A lot of people have already made appointments for their 2018 income tax returns and we are getting very close to being fully booked for July.  Please call ASAP to make your appointment so we can accommodate you for the time that you require.  Alternately, you can still email or post your information in for a faster turn around.  We do have more staff onboard to assist Dejan and Luisa in finalising your work.

2018 Personal Income Tax Returns will not be due until May 2019, so please don't panic if the time you require is not available. We still have plenty of time.


We are aware that many of you have registered for myGov and have ticked the ATO box.  Please note that if you do this, we no longer receive paper documents for you. 

The Notice of Assessment has especially become a very big problem for us.  The Assessment becomes electronic.  You will be notified by myGov when your assessment is ready to be viewed.  We will not be notified by the ATO that the Assessment is ready. We can at a later stage access the information from the ATO but we will not receive a paper document and therefore will not send one out to you. 

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