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We are still working very hard to get through everyone's tax returns.  Thanks so much for all your patience.  It's been very much appreciated.  The tax season this year seems to be spreading into months where we normally quiten down. Keeps us busy.

Dejan is fully booked until 19 October !  

Crazy thought but he is still booked 4 weeks in advance.  If you don't want to wait, please do email your information into our office.  The processing has sped up again so it is much faster to send your information in.  Please email to  Alternately you can make an appointment to see Luisa.  Luisa has been with our firm for over 2 years now and has many years experience in Tax.

Please note that if you do lodge through a tax agent, your income tax return is not due for lodgment until May 2017.  The ATO ads seem to make everyone panic once October comes around.  Please don't panic.  There is no rush to have these done prior to 31 October, unless you have more than one year outstanding. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

Zone Tax Offset - exclude 'fly-in-fly-out'

In the 2015–16 Federal BudgetExternal Link, the government announced that it will exclude 'fly-in-fly-out' and 'drive-in-drive-out' (FIFO) workers from the Zone Tax Offset where their normal residence is not within a 'zone'.

Currently, to be eligible for the Zone Tax Offset, a taxpayer must reside or work in a specified remote area for more than 183 days in an income year. The offset recognises the isolation, uncongenial climate and high cost of living associated with living in identified locations.

This measure will better target the offset to taxpayers who have taken up genuine residence within the zones. It will take effect from 1 July 2015.

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