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And so this is Christmas...





I'm not too sure how we got here but here we are.  After a challenging year, I'm sure we are all looking forward to a well deserved break and some normality.  We again thank everyone for their support.  It has been very intense from our end and we hope to have things slow down a little early next year.

We will be closed from Thursday 24 December until Monday 11 January.  Emails and messages will be checked over this time. If you do have anything urgent, please send us an email and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

A few things to note:

  • The ATO have decided to send out all PAYG Instalments [your prepayment of income tax notices] electronically.  Please, we get a number of people who register for myGov and then forget their passwords.  It is becoming more and more important to make sure you can access your myGov account.  You are the only one that can do this.  We can not do this for you.  If you would like for us to still receive all your correspondence, do not tick the ATO box in your myGov account.  This will leave us to receive the information.

  • December 2020 BAS will be due for lodgment and payment on 2 March 2021.

  • The ATO will be closed from 24 December to 4 January.







Scam phone calls and Emails

Scan phone calls and emails are still happening. Please be careful. The ATO will not call you and leave a message saying that you are about to go to jail.  This can only occur under extreme circumstances. 

The ATO and many other government bodies are quite concerned at the number of people that falling victim to these scams.

If you are unsure if the phone call or email is legitimate:

  • hang up and call the ATO directly yourself.  This will tell you immediately if the phone call is real

  • do not answer any emails.  Call the people that have sent you the email to confirm if this is in fact from them.

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