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If you don't want to wait, we do encourage you to email or post us your information.  At the moment the turn around for income tax returns is 3 weeks.  We do these when we have a cancellation or after hours, so it is much faster than waiting for an appointment.

Please note that if you do lodge through a tax agent, your income tax return is not due for lodgment until May 2017.  The ATO ads seem to make everyone panic once October comes around.  Please don't panic.  There is no rush to have these done prior to 31 October, unless you have more than one year outstanding. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

Requests during this busy time.

We ask that if there is something specific you are after during this time please be specific in your phone messages and emails. Although we are both very busy, if there is something urgent to be looked into, we will do our best to accommodate.

We are here to help you!  Communication is a very big thing we like to keep open, but we can't help if we're not sure what you are after.

June 2016 BAS

If you lodge your June BAS through our office, it is due on 25 August.  At the moment we are juggling these in between income tax returns. We do prefer to have these dropped off to us.  It's a much faster and eaiser process doing it this way.

Something that a lot of you may not know is that if you are on our lodgment list for BAS but you lodge your own, you actually do still have an extension until 12 August. 

What do we do?

We've had a few questions about whether we do bookkeeping for our clients. We do!  Preferably, if you are on Xero, that is great for us but we are happy to work with other programs.  We are also happy to meet with you on a regular basis in relation to the data.  If you require a regular meeting, please do let us know. 

Clients that we already do bookkeeping for a very happy as their tax returns are done promptly.  This is great for bigger clients as it gives everyone time to work out cash flow as well as looking into tax and other strategies.

July 2016 News

June 2016 News

May 2016 News

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